Ward Reps & Map

Homeowners Board

There are 14 board members, each representing the ward in which they reside. Board members volunteer to represent residents’ interest and vote on issues which concern Raintree as a whole. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending monthly meetings
  • Representing resident concerns
  • Serving on selected committees
  • Monitoring transfer of property in the ward
  • Addressing covenant issues in the ward
  • Removing any inappropriate signage in the ward

To ensure equitable representation of all Board members, a member from each designated geographical area (referred to as a “ward”) is elected. Current ward representatives and their roles are outlined below. Use this interactive map to learn which ward you’re in. To contact your ward representative, use this form.

  • Reade Johnson, Ward 1
  • Michelle Hawkins, Ward 2
  • Anna Lingerfelt, Ward 3
  • Kevin Schellenberg, President, Ward 4
  • Katie Caprara, Ward 5
  • Brandon Matthews, Ward 6
  • Scott Carpenter, Ward 7 Heritage Hill North
  • Pam Wheadon, Ward 8 Heritage Hill South
  • Jonathan Goldwire, Ward 9, Ivystone Village
  • Matt Greene, Ward 10 Foxfire
  • Cindy Baxter, Vice President, Ward 11, Stony Run Patio Homes
  • Eunice Reilly, Ward 12, Stony Run Townhouse
  • Lee Chase, Ward 13, Raintree Commons
  • Gregg Reynolds, Treasurer, Ward 14 Raintree Villas
  • Jordan Lockhart, Secretary, and Chair of Architectural Committee (Non-Voting)
  • Charlie Lively, Property Manager (Non-Voting)

Elections are held on even years for even wards, and odd years for odd wards. Members of the respective wards up for election are notified and given the opportunity to nominate residents in good standing. Wards with multiple nominations will receive ballots for a vote.