Real Estate

For Real Estate Agents

In order to ensure that new owners have access to all that is Raintree and for the Homeowners Association to keep accurate records, we ask that the realty firm responsible for the sale of any house, condo or townhouse within Raintree email the HOA Administrator or call (804) 282-7451 with the name of the new owners.

Realtors—if you need information or a Disclosure Package, please call (804) 282-7451 or visit

Additionally, Raintree is a covenanted community, all new homeowners should receive a copy of the covenants for their section of the community from the real estate agent at or before closing. If you need assistance obtaining those documents, contact

Amanda Wagner
ACS West
1904 Byrd Ave, Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 282-7451
Email Amanda Wagner

For sale “lead in” signs are permitted only on the day of an open house. Signs left beyond the open house time frame and/or inappropriate signs will be removed and discarded. For sale signs are permitted on the property that is for sale.

For Landlords

As a landlord and homeowner of a Raintree property, it is your responsibility to make sure your tenants comply with the covenants.