Raintree Lake

History of Raintree’s Lake

Raintree is located in Western Henrico County and we have the privilege of enjoying an approximately 8.5 acre lake centrally located in our community. The lake is an endearing feature to our 105 acres of commonly shared property, including thirty-two acres of wetlands. Before Raintree was established in the seventies, the lake was known as Gregory’s Pond. This natural spring pond was created with the establishment of the railroad through the area parallel to Deep Run Creek to supply coal from the Gayton Coal Mines to Tredegar Iron Works. The railroad and lake were built in 1837. The eastern-most bank of Raintree Lake is the abandoned railway. Gregory’s Pond, at that time, was used to wash the coal before it made its way to the Iron Works. The coal mines themselves have a unique history and are said to have helped inspire Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, through his teacher’s study of fossil remains in the mines and the area.

To our knowledge, no formal history has been recorded. This text has been compiled from county and internet sources.

Lake Path

The circumference around the lake is .53 miles making it great for a walk or run. Paved in asphalt, bikers can also enjoy a smooth ride while being mindful of pedestrians and their pets. Neighbors are reminded to clean up after themselves and their pets, using several conveniently located trash cans for pet waste or other litter.

Lake Usage

Pickup after your pet’s waste and learn more about the harmful effects of not doing so by reading, “The Scoop on Poop.”

Help reduce the spread of invasive species by learning more about potentially harmful bait.