What does the annual Raintree assessment fee cover?

The majority of the annual fee covers landscaping to all street entrances, as well as landscaping to all trail entrances. Additionally, the fees cover lighting, insurance, tree removal from common area spaces (as needed), trail maintenance, irrigation, mowing, fences, signage, benches as well as legal expenses and mailing. Also capital set-asides are required by law.

What are the Raintree covenants and how do I get a copy?

The covenants are the rules and regulations of the homeowners association, written to promote safety and protect property value. Each buyer agrees to them and receives a copy at closing. If you cannot locate your copy, please call (804) 282-7451.

Can we have a block/neighborhood party?

Absolutely! It is a fun way to get to know your neighbors. Gatherings can take place in a cul-de-sac, driveway or yard. Usually these parties are pot-luck.

I would like to build a shed (or garage, walkway, fence, driveway, retaining wall, house addition, etc.) Do I need a permit?

Yes. For your protection, county permits are required in many instances. Raintree requires its own architectural review approval for any structural change outside of the house (including all of the above and locating a satellite dish or a generator). This is a quick, easy and friendly process. There is rarely a problem, but please get prior approval in order to avoid unnecessary expense.

How do I report theft, vandalism, or other crimes?

Report these issues to the police at their non-emergency number 501-5000 (or call 911 if it is an emergency). Please also call the Raintree number (804) 282-7451 to report as well. It will give us the opportunity to notify the Raintree community of any public safety concerns. Remember always to lock your vehicle, sheds, and garage doors.

Who do I contact regarding public safety?

Please report any vandalism or crime to the police (804) 501-5000 non-emergency number. Call 911 if it is an emergency. Please also call the Raintree number (804) 282-7451 to report as well. It will give us the opportunity to notify the Raintree community of any public safety concerns.

Can I have a PODS on my property?

At times homeowners may want to use a PODS for temporary storage or to manage a project. The use of PODS is permitted; however, it is limited to 90 days on site.

What do I do with yard debris?

Dispose of your yard waste either at the Henrico refuse station or your garbage pickup. Do not dump yard waste, leaves or tree limbs in the common spaces adjacent to your yard. It creates a nesting place for mice, rats and snakes which in turn could impact you as well as your neighbors, some of whom are small children who play in the areas. Additionally, debris around the base of tress may cause premature disease and death of those trees. Also see the next question.

How do I get rid of heavy furniture, appliances, or yard waste?

Items such as furniture, appliances, and yard waste such as brush and tree limbs may be collected, for a fee, through the County’s bulky waste collection program. Items not collected include construction debris, dirt, rocks, tires, automobile parts, debris resulting from evictions, materials left by contractors, realtors or developers; and hazardous materials such as paints and solvents. Contact the County at (804) 501-4275 for more information on these services.

How do I get rid of my leaves?

Henrico County offers free, curbside collection of bagged leaves. For a collection brochure, schedule, and map of zones, visit the Henrico County website. Collection is provided automatically for people living in zones A through E. Residents living outside those areas must place an order for pickup by calling (804) 727-8770. The county also offers, by request, a $30 vacuum leaf service during the fall and spring.

What should I do about dead, diseased or downed trees on common areas?

Call the property manager, Charlie Lively, at (804) 349-5019.

What should I do about lake lights?

Call the property manager, Charlie Lively, at (804) 349-5019.

What do I do about road issues?

Most of the roads within Raintree (with the exception of parking lots or townhome parking) are public and fall under the jurisdiction of Henrico County. Any issues with the roads or public signs should be reported to the county at their general number (804) 727-8300.

How do I get a pothole fixed?

Use the form on the Henrico County webpage or call (804) 727-8300 for the road maintenance department.

How do I stop people from parking in my space in front of my house?

Parking on public streets is not prohibited; consequently the Raintree Association has no authority to intercede. If you have an issue with a neighbor or their visitors parking in front of your residence, please speak with them. If you are having an event and expect a significant number of vehicles, let your neighbors know ahead of time. For other parking issues, call the Henrico Police at the non-emergency number: (805) 501-5000.

Who do I tell about a blocked storm drain?

Call Henrico County Public Works: (804) 727-8300.

How do I get a burned-out street light fixed?

Call Dominion Power: (866) 366-4357.

Who do I tell about trees blocking the road?

Call Henrico County Public Works: (804) 727-8300.

How do I get access to the Raintree Swim and Racquet Club?

Raintree Swim and Racquet Club is an independent facility. Access to its activities and services is not part of your HOA fees. If you wish to join the club, you can contact them directly.

How do I stop speeders on my street?

Call the Traffic Safety Unit (police) at (804) 501-7843.

What do I do about dogs running loose?

Dogs are not permitted to run at large (off its owner’s property) within the county at any time according to Section 5-29(6) of the Henrico County Code of Ordinances. Contact the Animal Protection Officer: (804) 727-8807. After hours call the Henrico County Police non-emergency number: (804) 501-5000.

How do I stop a neighborʼs dogʼs excessive barking?

Pet owners should make every effort to limit their dogs barking. However, if the barking becomes excessive, you can contact the Animal Protection Officer: (804) 727-8807. After hours call the Henrico County Police non-emergency number: (804) 501-5000. Please read Section 10-68(3) of the Henrico County Code of Ordinances to see what the county considers excessive noise before you call.

What do I do when I have an issue with a neighbor, an inoperable vehicle in the street, and trailers located in front of a house?

Contact Officer Emily Stein at (804) 928-0651.

What are Henrico County’s policies on community maintenance?

Henrico County has several important policies about community maintenance:

  • Grass can be no taller than 12 inches.
  • Only one inoperable vehicle is allowed per household and it must be out of sight from the front of the house.
  • Only one trailer is allowed per household and it must be parked behind the front plane of the house.
  • All trash must be in a covered, watertight container (not overflowing).
  • Recycle bins must not be overflowing.
  • No storage of items in plastic bags or under tarps is allowed.

You can view these policies in detail (and file a complaint if needed) at Henrico County’s Community Maintenance web page

Can I get financial help repairing my house?

Henrico County has two programs that assist current homeowners with improvements to their homes with both minor and emergency repairs and moderate rehabilitation. These programs are available to qualifying low and moderate income homeowners. For both programs, all work is done by licensed contractors and overseen by professional rehabilitation specialists Both programs are administered for the County by project: HOMES. To seek assistance or learn more about these programs, homeowners should contact project:HOMES directly at (804) 233-2827.

Do you recommend any other resources?

It is a good practice to periodically access the Henrico County website to keep abreast of what the county is offering its residents. The Division of Police Community Resource Guide is another valuable tool for residents.