Governing Documents

The purpose of these covenants is to protect and enhance property value. Despite its age, Raintree has succeeded in maintaining its market value and has remained a solid neighborhood for home sales. Purchasing, leasing, or renting a property in Raintree requires compliance with these covenants. You should have received a copy at closing or upon signing an agreement with your landlord. If you need a copy you can contact

ACS West
1904 Byrd Ave, Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23230

Remember, this is a covenanted community and all residents and tenants are subject to the covenants.

Specific Requirements

  • No trash, rubbish, stored materials, wrecked or inoperable vehicles or similar unsightly items shall be allowed to remain on any lot outside an enclosed structure.
    • Note: Section 10-3 of the Henrico County Code defines an inoperable vehicle as any motor vehicle, trailer, or semi-trailer which is not in operating condition, or does not display valid license plates, or does not display an inspection decal that is valid or does display an inspection decal that has been expired for more than 60 days
  • No boat, trailer, recreational vehicle, or commercial vehicle can be parked forward of the house and this includes the street.
  • Trash receptacles and recycle bins should be removed from the street in a timely manner (by next day) following pick up, and placed out of sight to the rear of the house.
  • Front porches and lawns should be clear of clutter and debris.
  • PODS or other storage units placed on the property are limited to 90 days.
  • Street gutters should be cleaned by the residents.
  • Building materials and items such as wheelbarrows and ladders should be placed inside of sheds or garages.
  • Common areas, including the easement adjoining your property, are not to be used for disposal of leaves, branches, grass clipping, or other organic yard material. Additionally, they are not to be used for storage of trailers, recreational vehicles, construction materials, or for disposal of construction materials.
  • Holiday decorations, although enjoyable to view, should be taken down within 30 days of the holiday.

Be a good neighbor

Please take a good look at your property and consider what your neighbors see. Overflowing trash containers are unsightly and unhealthy, all trash containers should be covered. Removing unsightly tarps and yard debris can go a long way to keeping the neighborhood looking good. Please store children’s toys and bicycles out of sight from the front of the house (this includes side yards visible to the street).

Clean up after your pets

Cleaning up after your pets is especially important at the lake. Pet waste is even more toxic than human waste. Animal waste does not simply decompose; it releases pathogens and nutrients into the environment. Pathogens directly poison marine life; nutrients promote weed and algae growth which deplete oxygen in the water and indirectly kill marine life.


Please also read the 2021 Bylaws.