Architecture Guide

Our Covenants require the Raintree Homeowners Association to review any new exterior structure changes or additions. This includes walkways, driveways, patios, swimming pools, retaining walls, decks, sheds, garages, fences, and the placement of satellite dishes. This architectural review is a quick and easy process in which the association and the resident work together to achieve the desired goal. It also ensures that the changes are harmonious with the surroundings and that the work is completed within a reasonable period of time. Structures must be approved with regard to location, size, color and compatibility with the house. The review form can be obtained by downloading the form, emailing your request to HOA Architecture Review or by calling (804) 282-7451 and leaving a message. It is important to apply and get approval before the work is begun to avoid unnecessary expense or distress.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain all required permits for any structure(s) attached to the house and to comply with all county regulations regarding easements and other legalities.

Specific Guidelines


  • The finish of any building must match or blend with the existing house.


  • Fences must be constructed of wood or approved metal, no chain link fences. Farm fences or split rail fences with black wire mesh are permitted. All fence material must be erected with uniform style and materials.
  • Construction of fences should be aesthetically placed with top edges level to each consecutive board or appropriately sloped or stepped.
  • Maximum fence height is in accordance with the county limit of six feet.
  • No fences are permitted in front of the house.
  • Fences on corner lots may be subject to special considerations.
  • Fences should be constructed of the same materials on all sides.
  • When erected, adjoining segments of the fence should be the same height.
  • Fences should not encroach on common areas (easements).


  • Shed foundations must be covered by either siding or lattice.
  • Shed steps must be permanent and attached to the shed.


  • No decks are permitted in the front or on the side of the house.


  • A two and a half car garage is the maximum allowed size of the garage.


  • A county permit is required in order to build a carport attached to the house. All carports must be of sound architectural construction and must be finished to match the existing house. Vender kits are not permitted.

Swimming Pools

  • Noise and lighting must be considered regarding swimming pools. Above ground pools are not permitted.

Retaining Walls

  • A county permit must be obtained for a retaining wall which exceeds four feet in height.

Fire pits

  • The county has safety requirements for location, size and extinguisher accessibility.

Satellite Dish

  • Neighbors are particularly sensitive to the appearance of dishes installed in clear view; shrubs such as nandinas are quite effective in camouflaging them.