BOD Meeting Minutes May 11th 2021

The Raintree Association Board of Directors Meeting

May 11th, 2021  7:00 P.M.

Deep Run Recreation Center

Present: Reade Johnson, Ward 1, Meg Turner, Ward 3 Kevin Schellenberg, Ward 4 , Judith Bailey, Ward 5, President, Brandon Mathews, Ward 6, Gillian Bell, Ward 7, Mary Ann Bergeron, 8, Rick Lustig, Ward 9, Matt Greene, Ward 10, Cindy Baxter, Ward 11, Linda Harrell, Ward 12, Sean Fields, Ward 13, Gregg Reynolds, Ward 14, Jordan Ware, Secretary, Dianna Smith, Property Manager

Absent: Melissa Mascher, Ward 2

  1. Welcome by Judith Bailey, President, at 7:02 pm
  2.  In the past year:  ACS has taken over management duties, completed Reserve Study, new Committees, By-laws revision and successfully requested county  build/replace sidewalk on Raintree Drive 

3. Introduction of Ward Representatives and employees 

4. Presentation of By-laws Revision- Linda Harrell, Vice President and Kevin Schellenberg

  1. Reports 

a. Finances- Gregg Reynolds, Treasurer 

  • Reserves Study
  • Review of Income Expense Statement 

b. Communications Committee- Meg Turner

    • Summary of Website updates and changes

c. Architectural Review Committee- Jordan Ware

  • Summary of Architectural review process which  can also be found on the Raintree website.


d. Elections- Kevin Schellenberg, Chair

    • Election Summary and 2021 Election results: Ward 1- Reade Johnson, Ward 3- Meg Turner, Ward 5- Judith Bailey

e. Common Areas- Dianna Smith, Property Manager

    • 100 acres of common area
    • Monthly Property Manager Report available on the Raintree Website. 
    • Lake lights and spillway systems are the most expensive projects coming up.

f. Traffic Calming- Brandon Matthews

    • Presentation on the Traffic Calming request for Falconbridge Drive


  1. Questions from Residents 

a. Heritage Hill is included in the annual Branch Pick up 

b. Presence of snakes, piles of debris and large rocks are places snakes are attracted to. 

c. Traffic calming problems 

d. Falconbridge and Raintree intersection traffic issues

  1. Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted, 

     Jordan Ware, Secretary