BOD Meeting Minutes April 13th 2021

The Raintree Association Board of Directors Meeting

April 13th, 2021  7:00 P.M.

Zoom Meeting

Present: Reade Johnson, Ward 1, Melissa Mascher, Ward 2, Kevin Schellenberg, Ward 4 , Judith Bailey, Ward 5, President, Brandon Mathews, Ward 6, Gillian Bell, Ward 7, Mary Ann Bergeron, 8, Rick Lustig, Ward 9, Matt Greene, Ward 10, Cindy Baxter, Ward 11, Linda Harrell, Ward 12, Sean Fields, Ward 13, Gregg Reynolds, Ward 14, Jordan Ware, Secretary, Dianna Smith, Property Manager

Absent: Meg Turner, Ward 3

  1. Homeowner’s Open Forum
  2. The meeting was called to order by Linda Harrell, Vice President, at 7:03pm
  3. Secretary’s Report- Jordan Ware

a. Minutes from previous meeting – Approved

  1. Treasurer Report – Gregg Reynolds

a. ACS  prepared the February 2021 financial statement for review

b. The treasurer proposed the following plan in order to earn more interest on funds held in the checking account: Keeping $80,000 of reserves in liquid accounts, $30k will be moved to a higher earning Money Market account and $50k will stay in checking. Another  $40,000 will be moved into two, one year,CD accounts with $20k each, that end at staggering times.  

c. The board voted unanimously to approve the treasurer’s proposal. 

  1. Property Manager’s Report- Dianna Smith

a. The Property Manager prepared the following Property manager report for review:


  • Arrangements were made for the annual Branch Pick Up to begin May 3, weather permitting, as stated in 4 signs placed at entrances. A pop-up will be on the heading of the website and details are in the tab “Trees and Branches”.


  • Tree work in the common areas adjacent to the following addresses has been completed after being rescheduled twice due to excessive rainfall: 1904 Falconbridge Ct (which is also 1905 Wildflower Terrace), 10206 Pepperhill Lane,10206 Pepperhill Lane and 4 trees at the Lake.
  • A fallen tree was removed from the Heritage Hill trail leading to Deepwood Circle.


  • The swale, that was recently cleaned out, prevented the runoff of Tennis Club paint clean up from entering the lake. The trench, full from green oil base paint was reported by a resident to ward representative, Mary Ann Bergeron. The Club owner then directed the painters to continue clean up in another area and had debris fill the trench to absorb the liquid.
  • Quotes are being solicited for a Bathymetry Survey to find out the volume of the lake in our steps to replace the outfall pipe. 
  • Quotes are being solicited for patching the asphalt path this summer. 
  • The Goose Man has been contacted to dissuade 4 geese from permanently residing at the lake. This is done humanely with a remote controlled boat (and not if there are goslings). If not discouraged, goose numbers increase dramatically and they make a mess of the asphalt path. We get complaints especially from runners and people with strollers. 
  • There are no more dead fish at the Lake. The problem was apparently temperature change related. 


  • Options are being investigated and quotes being gathered for resealing the Gayton /Quioccasin fence. 
  • The sign stating that the “Trail has no outlet/ please do not trespass on private property”, placed at the beginning of the Corner Trail, that disappeared was replaced. It disappeared a week later. 
  • Now that the common area ground has dried somewhat, I will continue soliciting quotes to complete the trail to connect to Falconbridge. 
  • Small tripper stumps on the Corner Trail and the Lakecrest Trail have been removed. 

b. Signs to be posted around the lake reminding fishermen to clean up fishing line which is a danger to wildlife. 

  1. Ward Representative Reports

a.  Complaint of parked vehicle blocking the view for drivers at the intersection of Raintree and Falconbridge.  The law states that you can not park within twenty feet of an intersection and violations can be reported to the non-emergency police line. 

  1. Committee Reports

a. Architectural Review Committee- Jordan Ware 

  • Maremont Drive- Replacing existing decks with new material, approved
  • Dawndeer Lane- Shed approved
  • Idlebrook Drive- Replacing existing fence
  • Answered various questions. 

 b. Communications Committee- Melissa Mascher 

  • Website has numerous updates implemented
  • Email subscription is up and running. 
  • Email sent to subscribers about the by-laws vote. The next email communication will be about the annual meeting and branch pick up. 

c. By-Laws Committee- Linda Harrell

    • Letter was mailed to the  Raintree Community with information on how to vote for the proposed by-laws revision. 
    • To date: 109 “Yes” votes and 1 “No”. 

d. Elections Committee- Kevin Schellenberg 

  • Completed nominations period and reached out to everyone who was nominated. 
  •  Elections will be held in  three Wards where there is more than one candidate. Voted can be submitted via mail or email. 
  • A draft ballot was proposed and unanimously approved by the board.
  1. Action Items 
  2. Unfinished Business

a. The next step in the county traffic calming request (for Falconbridge Drive) is to collect signatures from a list of affected residents that agree with increased fines for speeding.  Judith Bailey will contact the county to find out the best way to collect signatures and what forms are accepted.


  1. New Business

a. Resident complaint about political signs and how they are addressed in the covenants.  The board is looking into the policy around political signs, the covenants from the 1970’s do not reflect the current climate around the matter. 

b. The Board voted unanimously to hold the Annual meeting at 7:00pm, May 11th at  the Deep Run Recreation Ballroom with limits on attendance per the current guidelines due to COVID-19.  

  1. The next meeting will take place at 7:00pm at the Deep Run Recreation center Ballroom  on May11th 2021. 
  2. Meeting was adjourned at 8:41 pm

Respectfully Submitted, 

     Jordan Ware, Secretary