BOD Meeting Minutes March 9th 2021

The Raintree Association Board of Directors Meeting

March 9th, 2021  7:00 P.M.

Zoom Meeting

Present: Reade Johnson, Ward 1, Melissa Mascher, Ward 2, Meg Turner, Ward 3, Kevin Schellenberg, Ward 4 , Judith Bailey, Ward 5, President, Gillian Bell, Ward 7, Mary Ann Bergeron, 8, Rick Lustig, Ward 9, Matt Greene, Ward 10,  Linda Harrell, Ward 12, Gregg Reynolds, Ward 14, Jordan Ware, Secretary, Dianna Smith, Property Manager

Absent: Brandon Mathews, Ward 6, Cindy Baxter, Ward 11, Sean Fields, Ward 13

  1. Homeowner’s Open Forum
  2. The meeting was called to order by Judith Bailey, President, at 7:03pm
  3. Secretary’s Report- Jordan Ware

a. Minutes from previous meeting – Approved

4. Treasurer Report – Gregg Reynolds

a. ACS  prepared the January 2021 financial statement for review

b. After 2021 assessment collection, the budget will allow roughly $28k to be added to reserves. 

c. Judith will send out a list of delinquent assessments.

d. Working on plan to move some of the checking account balance to a type of interest earning account

5. Property Manager’s Report- Dianna Smith

a. The Property Manager prepared the following  Property manager report for review: 



  • Weather and the ground being too wet to drive on has delayed tree work  in the common areas adjacent to the following addresses: 1904 Falconbridge Ct (which is also 1905 Wildflower Terrace), 10206 Pepperhill Lane,10202 Pepperhill Lane and 4 trees at the Lake. This work has been reported, verified, estimates solicited, work scheduled and residents notified of the change in schedule. 
  • Fallen trees blocking the Long Creek Trail Entrance on Falconbridge were removed.
  • Two major branches on a tree in the Common Area behind 10310 Maremont Place broke, and were hanging down from 40 feet high, touching a shed. Using a 30 foot ladder, then climbing, Jerome Robinson skillfully tied, cut, safely lowered and removed them.
  • At the Lakecrest Trail entrance, the ice storm bent many bamboo stalks into the street, the nearby driveway and the trail. A trailer full of stalks were cut and removed. 
  • A leaning tree from the common area bent into the driveway at 1804 Lakecrest Court. Limbs were removed at the resident’s direction. 
  • A tree dropping branches on the driveway next to 2003 Windbluff Court is in a utility easement questioned the responsibility for the tree. The County Public Works Dept. was called to verify that the tree is the responsibility of the resident, who was informed. 
  • Fallen trees, one large and one small, will be removed from the Heritage Hill trails in the very near future.
  • The residents at 10113 Dawndeer Lane were notified, by a certified letter, of dead tree on their property. 


  • Hopefully the bright signs placed at the lake in 7 places will be a “wake-up” to residents who have become complacent about cleaning up after their pets. 
  • There are 2 species of birds who are entertaining the lake walkers. They are the Hooded Mergancers and Comorants. 
  • Three dead fish appeared after the ice storm. Both the National Wildlife and the County Environmental representatives agreed that this is likely due to the sudden change in temperatures. We are monitoring the situation.
  • The  2 swales were cleaned out were just in time for the big precipitation. The one that prevents the runoff from the tennis tent from entering the lake will be further enlarged. The one that drains the standing water near the Commons is helping to drain the excess water. 
  • A plug of concrete, near the Lake path, 18 inches long and 6 inches in diameter was dug up and removed as it was becoming a tripper.


  • Several areas on the trails are understandably water logged considering the inordinate ice, snow and rainfall. Last year, the Foxfire Trail was relocated to higher ground next to the creek. It has proved to be a successful solution, as that trail is walkable and much of the old path is currently under water.
  • The sign stating that the “Trail has no outlet/ please do not trespass on private property” placed at the beginning of the Corner Trail has disappeared. It will be replaced very soon. The resident on Rounding Run has not seen trespassers walking through her yard since “Private Property /No Trespassing” signs were placed on her property almost two months ago.
  • Limbs hanging close to the sidewalk on Raintree Drive have been pruned. Also stumps (possible trippers) on Foxfire Trail have been cut.
  • A running list of outstanding projects will be completed as time allows and in the order of their urgency.
  1. Ward Representative Reports

a.  Ward 3- Meg has asked residents with leaf piles to call the county for leaf removal. 

  1. Committee Reports

a. Architectural Review Committee- Jordan Ware 

  • Maremont Place- Fence approved
  • Chain link fence being removed and not replaced with another fence.  No Architectural Modification required.

b. Newsletter/Website Committee- Melissa Mascher 

  • Updating block party page to say “community gathering”
  • Lake page- added lake history etc. 
  • Monitoring google analytics
  • Recommendation to rename Newsletter, website committee to be called Communications committee and increase responsibilities.  They would be in charge of all communications with the community ( every format included). 
  • Email Communications Presentation

c. By-Laws Committee- Linda Harrell

    • Board was presented with the letter  “Voting on the revised  by-laws” which is  to be sent to the entire Raintree Community. Letter approved. 

d. Elections Committee- Kevin Schellenberg 

  • Board was presented with the letter “Ward Representative Nominations’ ‘ which is to be sent to the Wards that are up for election this year. Letter approved. 
  • Presented the nomination process through the Raintree website 
  1. Action Items 
  2. Unfinished Business

a. Traffic Calming request has been sent to the county.  

b. Signs have been added at the lake that address dog waste. Signs seem to be working. 

  1. New Business

a. The board voted unanimously to approve creation of the Communications committee. 

b. The board voted unanimously to approve the creation of an email list of residents who voluntarily submit their addresses through the website.

c. Forum for the yearly meeting (May 11th 2021) needs to be decided during the April meeting. 

  1. The next meeting will take place via Zoom at 7:00pm on April 13th 2021. 
  2. Meeting was adjourned at 8:11 pm

Respectfully Submitted, 

     Jordan Ware, Secretary